Vision™ Mobile Internet & Multimedia Suite


Network operators can incorporate the various components of the Vision Browser™ and Vision Server™ into their own infrastructure or utilize a turnkey solution managed by Novarra.

Device manufacturers can embed customized clients on their handsets. Java web browser and BREW web browser are also available as an over-the-air (OTA) download.

Internet brands can deploy the platform within their own infrastructure or as a mobile internet service in conjunction with Novarra mobile network operator partners.

Novarra Vision Browser and Handset Software Framework

Novarra’s Vision™ solutions are the broadest platform available and are built upon a shared architecture with operator grade performance, scalability and availability. Vision™ offers advanced mobile data services including full rich Web, video, mobile video, mobile Web 2.0, advertising, location, on-device portals (ODPs), and more. With innovative mobile architecture and usability, Vision™ delivers breakthrough speed, usability and new real-time personalization for the mobile user.



The Vision Browser and other handset software is deployed on Java, BREW and C++ devices. The modular framework is customizable and designed to be tailored and integrated with each handset’s specific hardware and software features and capabilities.



The Vision Server is commercially available in Linux, Windows, and Solaris implementations. Carrier-grade, it has a flexible architecture for the mobile network operator and wireless handset manufacturer.

Vision Mobile Internet and Multimedia Platform

Web Browsers & On-Device Portals – Mobile internet clients and wireless web browsers for Java, BREW & C++ enable a dynamic branded experience, handset integration, innovative mobile usability features with industry leading speed and performance.

Smarter Smartphones - Enhance the smartphone experience with a differentiated user experience, richer and faster web content and widgets, branded toolbars for advertising and navigation usability.

Mobile Broadband Optimization – Maximize network efficiency and lower costs with network acceleration and content optimization. Monetize user attention with interstitial content and advertising.

Web Content Transformation (Transcoding) for Feature Phones – Deliver full, rich internet, with a PC web transcoder, multimedia, Really Simple syndication (RSS), and more to a broad range of handsets – including mass-market feature phones and emerging market devices.

Mobile Video & Web Multimedia – Satisfy users with a PC-like rich internet experience that includes streaming video, Flash and multimedia content on a broad range of mobile web browser/handsets with no additional software installation.

Advertising & Analytics – Generate new revenue from contextual ads (profile, location, behavior) with user analytics and visually rich formats (Flash, multimedia, widgets).

Widgets & Mobile Content Framework - Increase content discovery and ease of use, lower cost and speed time to market for new services including mobile web application stores and next generation portals.

Hosting and Professional Services – Novarra offers flexible licensing models, deployment options and services for customization and implementation management to ensure a successful offering that drives revenue. results.