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With Novarra VisionTM, the full internet is now a reality for any mobile device. VisionTM includes a full-featured mobile browser that delivers a fast, rich web experience for the broadest range of mobile phones available today. Vision BrowserTM supports Java, BREW and C++ for smartphones, feature phones and emerging market handsets and leads the industry with mobile usability features, views and capabilities that help users transfer PC Web habits to mobile.  The wireless cell phone browser has been deployed on hundreds of handsets from leading manufacturers to provide mobile web usability, speed and performance.

Novarra Vision Browser deployed on many phones

Unique Architecture for Mobile

The VisionTM open architecture was designed for mobile performance, usability and delivers:

  • Ease of integration with device platform for local content, Global Positioning System (GPS) and applications
  • Standards-based interfaces for integration with network components for portal content, parental control, location, advertising and billing events
  • DHTML and Ajax support delivers a rich interactive user experience and dynamic on-device portal that is branded and controlled by the service provider
  • Secure transaction handling via encrypted tunnels and dual-mode proxy/proxyless connections
  • Distributed intelligence approach offers “future-proof” service updates to keep pace with rapid evolution of internet technology

Any Web Content - Any Phone

The Novarra Vision BrowserTM supports Flash and video, full HTML with complex JavaScript and AJAX, RSS and widgets. With the ease of use and superior experience of the Vision BrowserTM, feature phone users have been shown to consume as much raw web data as reported by smartphone consumers.

Speed & Performance

Content and network optimization via the Vision ServerTM ensure fast page loads and reduce over the air data by up to 90%, providing speed for the mobile internet user and cost savings to the operator.  Pages typically load in five seconds, even on 2.5G networks and mass-market handsets.

Mobile Usability & Context

Novarra VisionTM makes it easy for mobile internet user to use and navigate web pages with innovative mobile usability options:

  • Multiple viewing and navigation options including PC and “Fit to Screen” layout, Snapshot, Zoom, Slideshow, SmartScrollTM and others
  • Password Manager securely stores and manages logins for favorite sites
  • SmartNavTM provides single click access to search and login forms and main stories
  • Touchscreen enhancements like Snap-to-Focus make it easy to find, read and select content and links
  • Auto-fill saves keystrokes on input fields and URL/web address entry

 Innovation & Market Leadership

Novarra created and patented the server-based mobile browser architecture.  Since 2003, Novarra has powered PC-like mobile web browsing services on PDA’s, mass-market feature phones and smartphones.  Novarra continues to add to its long list of new mobile browser innovations focusing on performance, user experience, advanced content support and handset integration.

Handset manufacturers can easily customize and integrate the browser with the specific capabilities of the handset, including operating system (OS), touch-screen or other input/output (I/O), native apps like media players and Personal Information Manager (PIM), etc.

Operators can offer compelling web browsing services and drive data revenue on their entire range of handsets - not just the most capable smartphones.

Mobile users find the experience satisfying and increase usage - web sites have never been so accessible and easy to use on mobile phones.

Operator and handset partners that build services on the Vision BrowserTM experience data revenue lift of US$3-15 per user per month from the improved web browsing services alone.

Consumers Like it. Use it. Pay for it.

Novarra’s Vision™ solutions are the broadest platform available and are built upon a shared architecture with operator grade performance, scalability and availability.

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