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Premium Portals

Vision Portal

Novarra's open standards-based approach to creating and managing next-generation rich portals is commercially proven and works seamlessly with existing operator infrastructure to deliver internet-based content & services to any WAP or HTML handset. Reduce portal development and support costs by using open internet content instead of content authored specifically for portals. Utilize Novarra’s Vision server content adaptation capability to eliminate the need for authoring and maintenance of multiple portal versions for different handset capabilities and screen sizes.

Easily add rich content to portals such as video, images, advertisements, content feeds, RSS, web-based email or search. Content is automatically adapted for each handset type. Rapidly add portal sections targeted at customer demographics or geographies such as local channels or social networks.
Seamlessly integrate with operator store fronts and search
engines for on and off portal content monetization.

On Device Portals (ODP)

The Novarra Vision™ nweb clients provide advanced capabilities for On Device Portal implementation across the breadth of mobile handset platforms. Operators, handset manufacturers and mobile businesses can create a custom experience that complements the visual richness of the portal with market specific enhancements, speed and features like immediate content display, background updates, download management, advertising, integration with handset applications, etc.

The solution delivers:

• Brandable and customizable operator portals
                • Design, content and layout
• Easy path to "off-portal" services like mobile search, video and full internet
• Rich open-internet web 2.0 content
                • Images
                • Ads
                • Video/audio
                • Widgets
                • On and off portal search
                • Dynamic content feeds
                • RSS/podcasts
                • Local channels or social networking
• No content fragmentation – web content automatically adapts to any handset's
   WAP or HTML client
• Low portal maintenance costs
• Open standards interface to operator billing, store fronts, ad servers and
  content download servers


Vision portal simplifies the creation, management and monetization of rich
web 2.0 based portals reducing time to market. Operators can easily create
locally-relevant portals and customer content for each demographic and
geographic segment in multiple languages.

Through integration with other operator infrastructure, Web/WAP portals can
be enriched with next-generation wireless data services such as mobile
advertising and streaming video that generate revenue and drive data uptake.

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