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Mobile Network Operators

With Novarra solutions, operators can simplify and accelerate next generation portals, mobile search and full Web access with breakthrough speed and usability, even on previously deployed devices. Operators can minimize their cost and effort, quickly launch new portal content partners – thousands, not hundreds - with Novarra. Click here to see the Web with Novarra

Customers want Choice

“browsing traffic is 63% of data usage. 1/2 of that is to third party off-portal sites.”

Engines for Wireless Data™

Novarra End Users
 “I’ve actually started using  the heck out of this little browser.”
 “This browser rocks! It’s pretty fast, looks great…”

With flexible deployment options and a modular product, Novarra's mobile Web solutions can augment a mobile network operator’s existing infrastructure or serve as a complete platform for wireless data. They deliver breakthrough mobile user experience, network efficiency, and a branded experience from device to portal.

Mobile Network Operators will find Novarra solutions healthy for the network and scalable to million of users. Optimization and compression minimize data traffic, and improve speed and performance. A consistent experience across device platforms is easy to market and support. Mobility features like Smart Nav™, Smart Search™, Progressive Page Management and Zoom deliver data uptake and consumer satisfaction.

Revenue. Results™

Delight mobile users and drive ARPU with Novarra's Internet Mobility Product Suite.
Deliver the rich content of the full mobile Web for the first time. Further monetize
data and application usage with m-commerce and advertising.