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Internet Mobility™ Platform

Mass-market and high-tier handset users alike can now experience the full rich Web. Novarra EWD Server is a next-generation platform for Web/WAP wireless data services
for both new and already-deployed Web and WAP 2.0 enabled handsets with browsers from Novarra, Openwave, Teleca, Nokia, Motorola and others. It was designed to have a low initial cost and be an economical platform to offer new services moving forward. The future-proof architecture allows for server-based updates minimizing the need to modify
or recall handset software. EWD scales to millions of users and deployed handsets with flexible, turnkey and customizable deployment options. An open standards-based solution,
it can seamlessly interoperate with current operator infrastructure and handsets while it extends network and portal infrastructure.


This platform consists of the following components:

Automatic Content Adaptation & Customizable Content Optimization
Rich content is delivered to Web and WAP clients--even JavaScript, CSS and complex "Street HTML". SmartSearch™ and SmartNav™ create visually rich and easily navigable mobile content with minimal clicks. Based upon user profile and behavior, content context, and handset capabilities, content is automatically adapted and delivered. Additionally, customizable content rulesets can override automatic transformation algorithms for key Web pages or content items.

Network Acceleration of Web Delivery
Beyond traditional protocol level TCP optimization and compression, EWD Network Acceleration minimizes bandwidth requirements and latency with a variety of data reduction and content acceleration techniques that can be global rules-driven and/or profile-based. Options include distributed content processing, intelligent caching and pre-fetch, smart content adaptation and filtering. Image inclusion, quality, and scaling can be user- or operator-defined.

Content Filtering & Access Control
In order to support responsible access to Web content, EWD Content Control module allows operators to establish white and black lists that automatically allow, disallow or redirect requests based upon global rules and device or user profiles. The Content Control component includes its own list, or integrates with external systems for content white/black lists and user profile management.

Web/WAP Portal Framework
In order to extend, enrich and monetize operator portals, Novarra EWD includes tools and utilities to enrich Web/WAP content. Content sourcing is extended beyond mobile aggregators and integrators, with their costly custom WAP feeds, to include publicly available rich Web sites and XML feeds. Beyond content sourcing, the EWD Portal Framework integrates with advertising and personalization engines as well as operator CRM and location servers to deliver relevant and useful interstitial content to the user, based upon the user's specific content request and/or session. With support for next-gen services, operators and end users are able to create and manage alerts and notifications to stay engaged.

User & Device Profile Management
The User and Device Profile Management module utilizes external registered user databases and pre-defined device profiles to provide the highest usability through optimal content presentation for the specific user, device and page viewed.

The Novarra OAMP Server offers carrier-class automatic fault recovery and management. It includes a web-based GUI management console and integrates with leading systems management platforms. Traps and alarms based upon configurable thresholds and event triggers measure and support SLA-based metrics for system uptime. Billing and report data feeds are available through the system along with a series of useful pre-determined and customizable usage reports.