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Vision™ Multimedia Platform

The Vision Multimedia Platform provides real-time transformation of video, audio and Flash animation content, from popular PC formats to industry standard mobile formats, while optimizing for specific mobile handset and media player capabilities. The platform dynamically adapts video, audio and Flash encoding rates to achieve optimal quality based on available network bandwidth. The Vision Multimedia platform can be deployed in a standalone configuration or fully integrated with the Vision Mobile Web platform to provide a full web experience to consumers. The Vision Multimedia platform has advanced scalability and reliability to enable a high performance multimedia service offering across the breadth of deployed mobile devices.

Mobile subscribers can now access rich multimedia from popular web 2.0 based content sites such Bebo, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook on most existing phones without having to download new client software. Even high end PDA’s like the iPhone, RIM or Nokia N95 that only support limited media types benefit from Novarra’s solutions with access to community sites and Flash based advertising. Flash content animation such as banner ads and site introductions is supported, embedded links within the content are fully functional similar to the desktop.

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