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nweb Micro Clients and Browsers

Novarra's Vision™ platform provides a suite of nweb clients available for BREW, Java, Linux, Palm, RIM and native C++ based handsets. nweb is modular and available as either a proxy based micro-client with device footprint as low as 64K or as a pure proxyless full-client with a footprint of 1.5M - 2.6M depending on functionality. Both versions provide full web, WAP, Web 2.0 and multimedia capabilities.

Novarra clients provide breakthrough performance in memory, footprint and CPU requirements, across handset platform and operating systems (OS). The open OS (Java or BREW) based clients reduce overall solution costs for OEMs by using open, standard interfaces for easy portability, lower integration effort and also minimizes individual handset customization.

Novarra microclients and browsers have provided the industry’s most innovative
and leading mobile browser capabilities for performance, usability and breadth
of content support. The nweb platform includes innovations for mobile usability including advanced viewing options, advanced scrolling options, content prioritization, touch-screen support, automatic text completion to provide an intuitive experience that minimizes user clicks.

The nweb architecture is modular and can be scaled to fit operator or OEM requirements. This componentized approach enables core browser elements to be made available to other handset applications mirroring current trends in the PC desktop environment. The full client can be dynamically switched by the user or operator to perform as a standalone browser or interface with the Novarra Vision server for improved content and performance.

Core Features
  · Scalable architecture supporting low to high tier handsets
  · Small footprint: ROM and RAM
  · Full Internet: HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, multiple image     formats (GIF, JPEG, BMP, WBMP, PNG, animated GIF), HTTP, HTTPS
  · Carrier WAP portal compliance
  · Content downloads, OMA, DRM standards
  · Multiple layout options - Desktop, handheld, small screen, snapshot zoomTM
  · Multiple view options - Full screen, landscape, pan & zoom page, image zoom
  · Incremental SmartRendering™ - Optimized tables, images, interaction
  · SmartNav™, SmartScroll™, SmartSearch™ significantly improve mobile usability
  · Standard browser features - Caching, history, favorites, back/forward, etc.
  · Enhanced navigation - 5 way navigation, page top/bottom, screen up/down
  · Mobility features - Text & URL completion, background content download
  · Phone application integration - Dialer, messaging, push, multimedia
  · International language support
  · Downloadable and customizable UI, plug-in APIs
  · Enhanced content support - RSS, streaming audio/video, Flash,     MPEG2/MPEG4, 3GPP, 3GP2, MIDI
  · ODP support
  · Over-The-Air (OTA) download and configuration

Additional Micro Client Features
  · Fastest content download
  · Remote content upgrades
  · Reduced footprint
  · Enhanced Web content support

Additional Services
  · Content Downloads
  · Push
  · Multimedia Streaming
  · Location Services

Modular and Customizable
  · Platform for device and application integration with features like click to call,     mailto, and visual voicemail
  · Modular architecture to package unique feature sets based upon requirements     and handset capabilities
  · Device adaptation APIs to customize for I/O and display characteristics of   individual handsets models
  · Fully brandable and dynamic UI, Web messaging and portal services.

Requirements and Standards
  · Designed to meet Operator Requirements
  · Full Internet and WAP 1.0/2.0 standards support


User selectable feature that automatically jumps the browser to the main content area on a page. Typical navigation sections of a page are placed under a clickable link for easy access if the main content is not the area of interest.

Normally pages are rendered top to bottom. SmartScroll automatically enables horizontal scrolling on sections of pages where it makes sense to maintain the original site context layout. For example airline reservation search results, train schedules, stock tables, etc.

Web search is automatically integrated into any Web page using a clickable search toolbar that provides one click access to several popular search and reference engines.

Optimized table, image and page layout to fit specific phone screens sizes.

Images larger than the screen size are automatically scaled for the screen. Image zoom provides the capability to view these images at their original resolution, with panning enabled.

The entire Web site is displayed on the screen. Users pan a window around the page and click to zoom in on any page section.

Feature List

HTML/WAP 2.0 Content Type Support
  · Web/Portal Content Support:
          › Street HTML, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, XHTML Basic, XHTML MP
          › cHTML, HDML, WML 1.1
          › CSS v1, CSS v2, W-CSS
          › Tables, Frames, Forms
 · Cookies, Basic Authentication
 · GZIP, Multi-Part MIME
 · GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, BMP, WBMP
 · Flash, MPEG-2/MPEG-4, 3GP, 3GP2, MIDI (supported on handsets with    appropriate APIs)
 · JavaScript 1.5, ECMAScript V3, ECMAScript Mobile Profile

Network Protocols and Security
HTTP1.1, HTTPS, SSL2.0/3.0, WTLS, Certificates

WAP 2.0 Push Access Protocol (PAP)

User Navigation
Progressive rendering, handheld view (fit to screen), page & image zoom, tables, SmartScroll, SmartNav, SmartSearch, frames/forms, jump to main, top & bottom, in-line data entry, full-screen view, auto complete URL.

Branding & Customization
Application splash screen, Help and About screens, Menus, Terminal soft & hard key mapping.

Download Mechanisms
OMA Download 1.0, MIDP OTA 1.0 & 2.0

Integration and Plug-ins
 · Exchange Mgr/MIME type registration for HTTP, HTTPS
 · Media Viewers and Plug-ins (supported on handsets with appropriate APIs)
         › PDF document viewer
         › Flash, SMIL, SVG tiny, etc.
         › Audio, video playback within the browser

Operating System/Platform Support
nweb is available on the following platforms:

 · Java / J2Me
 · Palm OS v3.5 and higher
 · RIM OS v3.0 and higher
 · Linux OS
 · An embedded C++ version (available to OEMs)