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With Novarra, you can give mobile constituents – workforce, partners, customers -- access to critical enterprise resources on most mobile devices while driving business results. Deploy quickly and realize swift, dramatic ROI on smartphones, RIM, PDAs, laptops and even the iPhone without the expense of consultants, using web-based software optimized for mobile with Novarra’s Vision™ platform.

Empowering the Mobile Enterprise™

Novarra's mobile web solutions provide access to complex enterprise applications like: Oracle, Siebel, CA, SAP and others with little or no development effort. Provide mobile access on most smartphones, RIM, PDAs and laptops with fast downloads, security and usability. Novarra’s Vision™
server can be quickly deployed behind firewalls to deliver enterprise applications, optimized for each device with SSL-level security on any wireless network. Solutions available for customers in field service, healthcare, financial services, logistics, government and other sectors.

Most web-based enterprise applications can be optimized for mobile using Novarra’s automatic content adaptation and compression technology. Obtain optimal presentation and significantly reduced over-the-air payload to lower monthly wireless data charges and increase download speed with applications such as:

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Inventory management
  • Customer support & service
  • Email/chat
  • Project management

The mobility feature set, including security, offline, Push alerts, over-the-air updates, tight integration with both device functions and mobile peripherals (bar code scanners, mobile printers), assure that field-bound information workers are as productive away from the office as at their desktop.

Novarra solutions include IT-friendly features like user and device management, and optional application/content customization. They are secure, scalable, and manageable. Fitting into an IT infrastructure like a web server, Novarra solutions are easy to deploy and maintain.

Provide your mobile work force access to the information they need, when and where they need it.