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Web Content Providers and Content Aggregators

The overwhelming majority of internet sites are designed for the desktop, with millions of internet sites for users to choose from. Users are well versed in using and consuming content from their PCs, however, despite there being considerably more mobile devices than PCs, with many capable of enabling users to view and consume content on the phone, the number of mobile content sites remains in the few millions.

Developing a Mobile Version of a Web Site
Developing a mobile version of a web site so that content is displayed effectively, efficiently and reliably on the vast range of mobile devices is no easy task. New resources and skills must be acquired. There is no getting around the fact that most web sites are designed for users with a 15”+ PC screen, a keyboard and a mouse to aid viewing and navigation. Getting this view to work on a phone can be costly and time consuming and requires intelligence in the network and/or the phone to make it work well.

Even after developing your web site, mobile versions of web content and media need to be created, tested and managed on an ongoing basis.

This often leads to many mobile sites having less content and functionality than customers are used to enjoying when accessing the web site from a PC, leading to customer frustration and low usage.

Novarra’s Vision™ Server for Content Providers
Novarra can help content providers and internet businesses deliver a mobile version of their web sites without the limitations, costs and overheads associated with creating and managing a mobile site.

With Novarra Vision Server…

  • Maintain brand identity and web site look and feel
  • Quickly increase web site traffic from mobiles with minimal investment
  • Offer rich mobile sites across all your customer base regardless of handset
  • Serve the same content, adverts and functionality customers are used to experiencing on the web
  • Concentrate on maintaining and developing the web site