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chose the Novarra Engine for Wireless Data™ platform to offer easyedgeSM data subscribers a mobile portal and full Internet. easyedge To Go is included with all data plans and allows customers to access news, weather, sports, entertainment, email and other information in a web-based "walled garden" built upon Novarra's next generation portal platform. nweb™ for easyedge is offered as a premium full Internet service and includes adult content filtering. The Novarra platform provides the framework to create, manage and monetize both of these service offerings for U.S. Cellular. With features like Automatic Content Adaptation™, Progressive Page Display™ and SmartNav™, U.S. Cellular subscribers experience industry leading speed as well as the full rich Web with mobile search.

Novarra was chosen because of its complete platform that included not only Web/WAP browser clients for the variety of U.S. Cellular handsets, but also network acceleration and content optimization servers, a next-generation Web/WAP portal framework and parental content control capabilities. In addition, the Novarra solution was able to be implemented far more quickly and easily than alternatives.    
"The Novarra platform is the smart choice to build upon for our easyedge data service. Novarra understood our requirements for providing a highly satisfying experience through a portal and addressed them with a flexible and customizable solution."
John Cregier, Senior Director of Product Development and Management

Novarra software is an embedded solution for an innovative handset manufacturer to enable wireless Web access on their devices. The browser's excellent user experience is supported by mobile-friendly features that enhance readability and data access for wireless handhelds. Through deployment of Novarra, this manufacturer made it easier for developers to create rich applications that merge local and online content. And, through the Novarra server, additional value add features like Location, Push, and OTA updates become available making this manufacturer’s devices easy to upgrade and maintain for operators.


Novarra clients were chosen because of their small footprint, and excellent memory and CPU utilization. They also integrate with mobile applications like phone, email, SMS, MMS, camera, audio/video, etc. The clients include device adaptation APIs for screen, input stylus, soft/hard keys and the range of capabilities found in the breadth of high- to low-end devices. They are available in six languages.

  The world’s largest data storage and wi-fi cards supplier chose to offer their customers the Novarra wireless Web solution in conjunction with their latest wi-fi product. nweb by Novarra offered the fastest and most usable Web experience for the target PDAs, which increases customer satisfaction. Novarra was chosen because of their leadership and proven product superiority as well as the ability to work with the OEM under a tight schedule to create a customized product with flexible terms.

Novarra's Engines for Wireless data software is deployed in support of mobile network operator subscribers around the world through our Engines for Wireless Data™ Solutions. Subscribers with data plans access the Internet from their handheld device through the Novarra Wireless Data Server. Network operators manage the subscriber relationship including billing and support, while Novarra delivers the full rich Web to the handheld device.    

The Novarra solution has been chosen due to its network and content optimization capabilities that maximize network efficiency, mobile-specific features like, Push, offline and OTA updates, as well as the ability to present subscribers a consistent, operator-branded experience across a range of devices.